The Antioch School

Our mission is to equip, evaluate, and empower men and women for strategic leadership roles in the expansion and establishment of Christ's Church.

The Antioch School is a unique leadership development and mentorship program at CCC. Through a combination of classroom learning and discussion, personal development projects, and mentored ministry experience, individuals can earn an accredited Masters of Ministry degree (3-year program; 15+ hours per week) or a Certificate of Ministry (16-month program; 8+ hours per week).

We believe this program is perfectly suited for those pursuing any kind of pastoral, church planting, missionary, or voluntary ministry leadership role, as the learning process takes place in the context of real church ministry and is facilitated by pastors. This integration into the local church also allows us to keep tuition costs low: less than $10,000 for an entire Masters degree, and less than $2,500 for a Certificate.


Introductory Brochure

The Antioch Handbook

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