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The Gallery

Apr 16, 2017

by: Gregg Heinsch Series: The Gallery | Category: Sermons | Scripture: John 20:1–20:10

John 20:1-10

The Event

  • First day of the week
  • It was still dark
  • The first witness is a woman
  • The tomb was open
  • The body was not there
  • The burial clothes were left behind

The Characters

  • Mary Magdalene: Hope for the demonized
  • John: Hope for the self-centered
  • Peter: Hope for the unfaithful
  • Jesus: Hope of the world

The Difference

  • Our world is different now
  • Our hearts are different now
  • Our standing before God is different now
  • Our future is different now
  • Our motivation is different now
  • Our personal holiness is different now
  • Our priorities are different now