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Sent By The Resurrected One

The Gallery

Apr 23, 2017

by: Chris Lent Series: The Gallery | Category: Sermons | Scripture: John 20:11–20:23

John 20:11-23

The Resurrected Jesus...

  1. ...was raised supernaturally [vv. 11-13]
  2. ...calls you by name [14-16]
  3. ...relates to you in a new way [vv. 17-18]
  4. your victorious Savior [vv. 19-20]
  5. you His peace [v. 19, 21]
  6. ...empowers you with the Holy Spirit [v. 22]
  7. ...sends you on mission [v. 21, 23]

To be sent like Jesus into the world means we obey Him and depend on Him through the Spirit as we tell of His saving death and triumphant life.